Sunnyvale, CA  94087

March 4, 2010


Bureau of Land Management


20 Hamilton Court

Hollister, CA 95023


To Whom It May Concern -- an open letter to the BLM:


I am writing to express my concerns about the future of the Clear Creek Management Area, and in particular, public access of Clear Creek Road.

Since the early 1990's, I enjoyed my rides once or twice a year that have included the county roads: New Idria Road, Clear Creek Road, and occasional side trips down Mexican Hat et al.  The complete closure of Clear Creek has prevented one of my all-time favorite day rides.  It's all the more frustrating to hear that this is supposedly being done in my best interest, for a risk that is negligible considering the limited exposure, if it indeed exists at all.  My risk from a collision with a vehicle on highway 25 exceeds any risk of exposure to the air at CCMA.

It is my hope that the BLM will respond to the public wishes, and completely reopen the entire CCMA roads and trails to all recreational users.

If not, I hope some compromise may be reached that at least will keep Clear Creek Road open to all vehicles traveling between New Idria and Coalinga Roads, including street-legal motorcycles.

Some of the draft RMP's alternatives refer to allowing road access "limited to full-sized vehicles," however the term "full-sized vehicle" is never defined.  My touring vehicle of choice is a BMW R100GS, a full-size highway-legal touring motorcycle.  I fear that limiting access to "full-sized vehicles" may be implemented in practice as prohibiting all motorcycles.  Discussion with BLM staff has indicated that "full-sized vehicles allowed" is BLM-speak for "all motorcycles prohibited."

The Resource Management Plan must be clearly written in a way that honestly describes the access available.  If street-legal vehicles will be allowed to travel on Clear Creek Road, say so.  If you intend to arbitrarily and unjustly discriminate against all two-wheeled vehicles, then clearly admit that in the RMP.  But don't hide behind undefined terms like "full-sized vehicles."  Such obscurities have no place in an official document such as the CCMA RMP/EIS which affects so many of the public, including myself, my wife (who also rides), and our children (who we hope will still have places to ride).






David Doudna