My Home Page at a2i communications (

Hi there! This is my initial home page, as it was set up for me by my service provider. It's still under construction. All the information that you see below was placed here by my service provider, so my home page won't look bleak while I decide what to put in it.

My Internet Service Provider is a2i communications, a full-service high-quality ISP that provides PPP access, web service, UNIX shell access, UUCP connections, and more.

One of the coolest features of the web service here is the hit counter. No cgi-bin program is needed and and no image download is required. The hit counter is completely built into the web server. I don't even need to have a disk file to store the hit count, so the counter is fast and efficient. Watch this:

**** This page has been visited [an error occurred while processing this directive] times. ****

Reload this page to see the count above change. If you want to know what other interesting things I can do in my web pages, take a look at my ISP's hints page on how web server-side includes work.

My service provider also provides an SSL-enabled web server at no additional charge. All I need to do is create a subdirectory called 'secure' and put files there. They automatically become available to users via an `https' URL. Thus people accessing my web site can take advantage of encrypted communications over the Internet -- and it's fast, easy, and painless. No special business account is needed. Read more about it here.

With an Advanced or Premium account, I also have the peace of mind of knowing that my service provider will be doing disk backups to tape. In the rare case that a disk problem ever occurs, chances are my ISP will be able to restore files from the most recent backup, and I might not even notice that there ever was a problem.

Oh, by the way, email spammers, watch out! At a2i communications an automatic spam filtering system called Nojunk(tm) uses artificial intelligence techniques to detect and kill email spam. I can adjust my Nojunk level to 0 (don't filter spam) or 10 (aggressively filter spam) or anywhere in between. The friendly web interface makes it easy!

During the coming weeks I will be updating my web site. Feel free to come back frequently!